Although there are some legal exceptions to your right to confidentiality, at Dr. Lisa Berger & Associates we are aware of the importance of you feeling safe and protected as you share the details of your personal story. We take this very seriously and actively work to ensure that information disclosed to us is kept confidential. This means that we will not share or disclose this information to anyone without your consent, except as mandated by law.

At your first appointment we will review the limits of confidentiality with you. Please note that if we are required to break confidentiality, we would attempt to do so with our client’s full understanding of the reasons why and if possible with his or her full cooperation. We also disclose only information necessary to meet our legal obligations.


We adhere to strict guidelines as mandated by the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) as well as the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPPA). These legislations mandate the way in which we collect, use, and disclose personal health information.

Please contact our office at 905-836-4555 if you would like a copy of our privacy statement and/or privacy policy.

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